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JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Attention and C/O: Women of Human Resources, Staff and Board Members+
Office of the Secretary
270 Park Avenue, 38th Floor
NY, NY 10017

Investor Relations
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017-2070

Especially To:
All the Women of Human Resources, Tellers, Telephone Representatives, Operations, Technology, Finance and Other Staff and their Family, Female and also Male
Investors In Chase, Female but also Male
and Chase Executive Leadership and Board FamilyCommunity:
The Secretary, especially if a Woman
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. James A. Bell and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Crandall C. Bowles and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Stephen B. Burke and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. David M. Cote and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and James S. Crown and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. David M. Cote and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. James Dimon and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Timothy P. Flynn and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Ms. Ellen V. Futter (and her Family and Colleagues/Employees, Especially Female but also Male)
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Laban P. Jackson, Jr.and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Lee R. Raymond and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. William C. Weldon and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr    Charles Scharf and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Douglass L. Braunstein and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
Mrs. Name of Equal Importance and Mr. Jay Mandelbaum  and Daughters, Sisters, and Mothers (including Colleagues/Employees) of Names of Equal Importance
And all their Children and Grandchildren, Female and Male

Dear Women, and Men and Children, Female and Male,  of the Chase FamilyCommunity:

As you know, many people. including both stockholders and stakeholders,  feel that JP Chase is not functioning properly in the area of responsible wealth stewardship. We recently checked your corporate website, and found that Chase’s Executive Board is mostly male.  In recent years, we have come to believe and learn that the community as a whole benefits best when all the members of a community are involved as decision-makers, and that the decision-making is 5050 balanced by gender, is multiethnically and racially representative of the percentage of minorities in the population, and works with a consciousness to the balance of love and work, for family and community. We believe this approach will help Chase in the fulfilfment of its most important service and wealth-building missions in a New Millennium, (and avoid severe problems that will occur if these changes are not made.)

While scientific study finds both genders are equally intelligent, science has revealed that there are differences between the genders (see and The male brain is richer in gray matter, which holds more discrete information, problems solves well in isolated, especially hierarchical, situations and excels in spatial/technological intelligence, while the female brain is richer in white matter, better connected between right and left hemisphere, is better at integrating the connections of information, is better in long-term problem solving, heterarchical consensus-making, problem avoidance, and planning that is empathically sensitive to human beings and nature. Both forms of intelligence, female and male, of all races, have always been needed, but they are acutely needed now in full presence and cooperation to meet the demands of a technologically, socially, and environmentally connected planet. ·

In contrast to the US. women range between 0-15.7% on corporate boards, and are simply coopted into perpetuating the values of dominant, hoarding men. , parts of the world have discovered the truth about the need to balance women’s and men’s intelligence, and have seen to it that women and men are about equal in presence in government decision-making, and especially,  on corporate boards. and and and
These  parts of the world also offer extensive family leave, such as three years in Austria and Germany, to their employees and  The inclusion of women brings forth a change on the balance of love and work that serves women and men, and especially, their and everyone’s children, and the ripple effect of protecting this bonding prevents later billions of cost in true wealth, due to in loss of human potential, in the form of crime, drug abuse, all manner of illness including mental illness, and the unknown loss of human genius that would fulfill its potential if children had good bonding with their parents during the formative years.

It is our belief also that this model would result in every operation empowering all its participants, and become more of an inclusive and cooperative decision-making commumity, functioning democratically on important issues, and insuring the well being of all its members. This is a model of government in many parts of the world. All the villages of India follow the Panchayat Raj, or Village Rule, which mandates 5050 gender balance in decision-making as well as fair respresentation of minorities, the cities of France (their major party requires 5050 and minority representation on ballots) and many in other countries in Europe and some in the US), are all 5050, the government of Wales is 5050, and many other places on Earth are actively striving to achieve this now. Children are raised by Mothers/Women who attain important abilities in the process of giving nurturing childcare, at least as much and somewhat more than as Fathers/Men, and all women have greater estrogen and related special skills in the interpersonal arena that are important and helpful to ethical business and its ability to serve all generations. Imagine the good it would do for Chase if a 5050 balance model, that respected the Love and Work Balance, was adopted for its corporate Leadership and Board operation, as well, which is currently indicated is almost completely male. And what a difference it would make if Chase used its stature and influence to ask that this model be used for all corporations and the governments (including that in Washington, which, with no publically funded elections in contrast to 65 nations that have this,  and 16% of women in office amidst 84% men who clearly do not value women as partners, ranks 78th/92nd in the world if you count ties in representation of women  and is therefore missrepresenting and harming both all females and their families, including males, and their social and physical environment, at all levels, of our part of the world) instead of just lobbying to avoid regulation in an outmoded and unsustainable paradigm.

In addition, many economists now support the notion that our money and payment system should value the unpaid work of women (especially, who do most of this) as well as men, in their family and value the protection of the environment. An extensive discussion of this with many relevant links, and how a change in our money system could repair past inequities, including slavery, and bring us into a new future making what was once thought to be only science fiction and paradisal myth, our reality, is available at and
The astronomical dimensions and proportions of this revaluation is discussed at:
Also enclosed in a HerandHis Sacred Invoice, and that gives an estimate of what all people, including the lowest paid teller to the highest paid executive, have all been deprived of in Social Wellness including breakgthroughs that would include teh Fountain of Youth, harmony with Nature, avoidance of Crime, Illness, cost of Wars and Defense Expenditures and lack of Peace, and Stargate technology for connection to other planets, because of the use of gender imbalanced decision-making and paradigms of wealth, for the past centuries, and indeed, Millennia.

Chase has recently come under fire by its stockholders that caused the resignation of an investment officer, we believe it was a female, attempting to implement decisions in gender imbalanced model. But the stockholders, many from California Pension and Teachers Funds and New York agencies, given that California and New York do not have balance in gender in government and are as a result likely to continue to be in continued social and financial (and likely soon, environmental) trouble, are not themselves well educated enough about the impact of outmoded, gender imbalanced paradigms on their own future, as well as that of the larger community including the earth environment, as their has been little media coverage of these realities, although there is a lot about it on the Internet. Both New York and California are in Earthquake Zones,  and have had recent earthquakes, which some observers feel may exascerbated and triggered by energy policies (oil and nuclear instead of wind and solar)  that are driven by short term gender imbalanced investment profit and wealth models instead of true progress, and not sustainable, . We hope this letter will encourage them to think deeply about and come up to speed about what many leading economists have been saying and warning for several decades now about sustainable wealth, and start a transformation of paradigms that begins with/includes Chase.

Instead of further confrontations born of an outmoded gender imbalanced approach to wealth-building, it would make Chase a model for all, if included in the bills, stockholder statements and financial statements, it added a copy of Sacred Invoice and a printed statement of the average estimate payment of the value of all its members for the period, particularly its female members, unpaid work for family and community, (ranging about $150,000/year), and the value of all their respecting of Nature, including but also above and beyond recycling, for their local and whole community. Moms especially deserve this, but many childless and single women and men also give long hours to volunteer work on behalf of their extended family and community, environment and world and in some instances, such volunteer time can make the difference between a sustainable future, or none. Chase could audit its own operations using the, adjusted to reflect gender coleadership and diversity.This information could be communicated to their local and global customer/stockandstakeholder communities via billing and stockholder statements, and serve as a model and basis to a more sustainable, ecovillage-neighborhood consciousness of wealth, that results from economically and spiritually valuing time given to family, community and sustainable energy, and rebuilding balance.

Finally, their is an entirely different economic model, that could be used on a national and global scale, but certainly could be used at Chase, which is the cooperative. This would mean that all the participants in the operation, female and male, act as a community. There is much information about this model on the Internet.Embedded in this model is the notion of sustainable true wealth. As a result of a trend for concentration of wealth that is afflicting our world and especially this part of the world, many of your customers are toward the bottom of the income distribution, and are also often female who typically earn less than men but usually are more responsible for unpaid family and community tasks, and all of these have an uncertain future in that that top 1% of Americans have accumulated so much greater a share in wealth than those typical of tellers and phone representatives. But these customers and employees, female especially reparatively, but also male, have profound gifts to give and should be valued, if their full value and importance to their families and the whole community are to be recognized.

According to the Median JPMorgan Chase bank teller wage is $10.58/hour or $22,006 annually, while in 2008 CEO Jamie Dimon’s pay was $19.7 million (893 times median teller wage). In what other country, or Universe does this make ethical, spiritual or even practical sense?
France and Germany have caps on their CEOs of about 500,000 euros. According to, the average ratio of CEO pay to average worker is


Thus, Chase’s CEO is earning about twice as much as the “average” already grossly overpaid US CEO, and this measure of average worker does not reflect the situation of the unpaid mothers, whose work of child and familycare goes entirely uncreditted. According to
Poverty in America officially has a new face: women. More than half of the 46.2 million Americans living in poverty are women, and 29 percent of adult women are more likely to be poor than adult men. From 2009 to 2010, more than 1 million additional children also fell into poverty, and the numbers continue to rise. And Chase is a global player. Globally, the plight of women and children is even worse. Women represent a staggering 70% of the world’s, and their children, little girls and boys both, are poor with them. Does Chase’s CEO and Board consider their salaries a sign of success, when this is the larger picture? This world picture is the outcome of too many generations of business done by the most dominating and hoarding, but actually short-sighted of men, without the balance wisdom of equal numbers of women, whose presence studies show, are less driven by hierarchical needs, and bring more compassion, distributive justice, and sustainable wisdom to the table.

In ancient times in the Jewish and Christian traditions, the Sabbath was supposed to be used every 7 years and the Jubilee was supposed to be used every 50 years to achieve a periodic sharing of wealth, understood to be an ethical and religious obligation in human understanding of the commands of the Deity. Other religious teachings also teach of the wisdom on letting go of the accumulation of wealth, as deepest spiritual insight, as in the case of Prince Siddhartha who become Buddha when he chose a simple community life. More recent examples are available. Charles Stewart Mott was a businessman and former mayor, and husband and father, who was a billionaire but lived on $40,000 a year. Chuck Collins (born 1959) directs the Program on Inequality and the Common Good. He is also co-founder of Wealth for Common Good. He is an expert on U.S. economic inequality and has pioneered efforts to bring together investors and business leaders to speak out publicly against corporate practices and economic policies that increase economic inequality. He is the great-grandson of 19th-century meatpacking mogul Oscar Mayer and the grandson of the U.S. pianist and composer Edward Joseph Collins, as well as Michael Collins, liberator of Ireland. He first caught attention when he gave an inheritance of $500,000 to several foundations at the age of 26  He is the author of 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It. Another millionaire recently gave away his fortune for the sake of his soul Don’t the members of the Chase Executive and Board and largest investors have or need some spiritual awareness that would help them benefit from these examples?

All these changes are needed, and must be started by immediately simply including an estimate of women’s unpaid familycommunity work and the value of Nature in every billing statement, something we believe would occur quickly if the Boards of Corporations, (and decision-makers for all communities, local and global), were equally female and male. There is an excellent article by a woman who had the intention of rising to equal decision-making at her then Corporation,, and expessed the wish to change the top-down hierarchy of leadership and wealth into a “multifaceted jewel” that includes and benefits everyone equally.  Finally, there is the work of Belgian economist Bernard Lietaer,, that expresses the return to an awareness of the Goddess, Mother, or Divine Feminine, who does not hoard wealth, but distributes equally and abundantly to all her Children, in our understanding of wealth. If a one time cumulative estimate of all the years women, especially, but men also, have been working for and paying for Chase’ services while also doing the unpaid work of family and community, was included in all bills and financial statements, it would be an enormously large number, that would produce a change in consciousness about the real value of all the participants Chase, that would express the true Value of the community or Village that actually is and has been the bedrock and true Nature of the whole operation as a service industry to the human family. In 2005, JP Morgan Chase and Wachovia both apologized for their connections to slavery. These changes would bring forth the ripple effects that would most directly benefit the descendants of slaves, as well as millions of people who came to America to avoid indentured servitude, not to be indebted to hoarders of false wealth.

The first reaction to these suggestions may be that it would “put us out of business”. But the invention of the wheel did not put handcarrying out of business but helped it, the use of sterilization did not put doctors and healing out of business, and the invention of the Internet did not put writing and reading out of business. These paradigm shifts simply benefitted everyone. So will 5050 balance of gender in decision-making, economics and family/work balance

As we have matured, we have come to the conclusion that all people, female and male, of all races and heritages, are meant ot be embodiments of a MotherFatherGoddessGod of Presence and Process in Interaction, who exists as a process that mutually and equally empowers the female and the male, to the good of all the Children of Humanity, female and male.It is our belief that Chase has many women on its staff who have not been raised to highest levels of leadership and remuneration, and an estimate of these staffs contributions should be undertaken, as if they had been valued as fully as male CEOs since its inception. This is not about promoting just a few women, and coopting them to adopt a gender imbalanced model. Instead, We believe that if Chase adopted a female rempowering and 5050 gender balanced model of coleadership and minority representative teamwork, included a cooperative interaction among all its participants, with periodic gathering of its workers as a community to value each other’s contributions both to Chase and their own families and communities, and especially included an estimate of the unpaid work of especially women (but to some extent also men) in nurturing their families and communities in its printed financial operations, it would create a change in consciousness, that would result in a miracle of breakthroughs that would, in fact, improve the awareness of the People it services,  and would also set off a chain reaction that would change the energy investment mix of the national region and world to renewable abundant energy, especially the energy of Love, and be a model of the cure for all our society’s ills, in all corporate and government endeavors, and redeem and transform them.

Many people believe that the HumanFamilyCommunity (because all people, are in fact, genealogically related)  has entered a period that is either the end of days for humanity on this planet, or the beginning of a new time of higher consciousnessness. Many people believe your current model is immanently unsustainable, and will bring you little more than the “success” of dying “on top” in days of social, economic and environmental catastrophe. Instead, May we all wish each other well in the possibility of a New Beginning in this still New Millennium.

We respectfully ask that this letter be viewed by not only the Women Addressees, but with all the women of their families, and shared with the many women, as well as men, who comprise the Chase professional, service, advertising, and customer base, including the website listed Leadership and Board of Chase which is mostly male instead of 5050.

Thank You.

Sincerely and With Every Blessing,

Andrew and Rachelle OneFamily Miller, Ph.D. and FamilyCommunity
Silver Spring, MD   c/o